Back From Vacation(s) and Trying To Board: Publications, Future Writing, and GLJ Open Submissions

2022 has been the year of running around for me. Trains, cars, buses and airplanes galore, with four vaccinations under my belt means all my friends are eager to see me – which is wonderful because I am eager to see them – however the toll this has taken on my writing is undoubtably noticeable to you all.

But I’ve still been writing (unbeknownst) and I am happy to report a publication up at Idle Ink tomorrow. Also several poems went up on Synchronized Chaos months ago, so go check them out. I hope to get back to blogging soon, but in all truth I don’t know. All of life is triage, an assignment of degrees of urgency: this must get done now, this must get done soon, this must get done, this must get done eventually. This year this blog has mostly inclined towards the latter. It’s the way of things. If I have any readers left by the end of this whirlwind year, by gods, thank you for sticking around.

Wrapping up Green Lion Journal is still accepting submissions for the ROAR Showcase. Submissions have been sliding under the door all year, it’s been a delight peeking at and seeing all the wonderful and moving pieces being sent in, but the submission window is now rapidly closing; get your poems in while you can. The last day to submit for the 2023 ROAR Showcase is September 10th. You’ve got some time left, but don’t procrastinate too long – get cracking! Send in 5 to 7 pieces of original work in the body of the email or in a single attached document to with the subject line “Submission [Your Name] Roar.” Work that balances on a reoccurring theme or purpose will likely be favored. Be powerful, be vulnerable, be brave. Each poem should have a maximum count of 106 lines. Prose pieces should not exceed a standard page (8.5 x 11). Poems that exceed this limit by a few lines will not be rejected but will be strongly disfavored. GLJ accepts poems and prose published on personal blogs.

Go read the work of our current ROAR champion, Candice Louisa Daquin, to get a feel for what GLJ is looking for.

Admission is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

As always, stay brave. I’ll hopefully be seeing you soon. ♥


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