AIOTB/As It Ought To Be: “Newspaper On Rainy Day”

Idle Ink: “Three Ghosts”

Synchronized Chaos: “How To Start,” “Her Body,” “Dead Finches,” “The Play,” “Shake,” & “Lime Kiln”

Salamander Ink: “Persimmon”

Porridge Magazine: “A Barrage Of Morn Birds”

Sacred Chickens: “Whistler,” “The Big Black Storm,” “Seven Days With Saint Mary,” “I (Still) Love My Crazy Daddy,” & “Night Terrors With Bob Marley”

Free Verse Revolution: “Tornadoes” & “Bristlecones” (Available in Print)

Anti-Heroin Chic“Indomitae” & “Swirl”

Headline Poetry and Press: “19.”

Whimperbang: “Let’s Clarify,” “x,” “Acrimony,” “Gods,” & “Wardens”

i am not a silent poet: “Downstream,” “The Guns,” & “War Is Not Over When It’s Over”

Social Alternatives: “Call The Kids In” & “Two Women” (Available in Print)

SUSAN Journal: “A Cat Tango”

Bindweed Magazine: “Ghost Pepper” (Available in Print)

Amethyst Review: “Daily Bread”

isacoustic*: “Learn A Dead Language” & “My Mother’s Words” (Available in Print)

Spillwords Press: “Her Words” & “Let The Gallows”

Bluepepper: “Love Doodle”

Vita Brevis: “Veneratus”

The Stray Branch: “This Is Not Your Death,” “The Daughter Dark,” “Adamantine,” “Breaking Glass,” “I Can Not Thank You,” & “Mother May I” (Available in Print)

Nicholas Gagnier’s Swear To Me: “Hand-in-hand” (Available in Print)

The Machinery India: “What Would You Have Of Me”

Secret First Draft: “Her Words” & “Thunder” (This online journal is defunct)

When Time and Space Conspire: “Wrong Train,” “A Bedridden Lullaby,” “Upon Some Other Shore,” & “Slow” (Available in Print)

Lunaris Review: “Bird, Now Shunned By Other Birds” & “We Can Not See the End, Until We Are In It”

The Writing Garden: “Silver Weave” (This online journal is now defunct)

Blue Nib: “Where The River Runs Through”

Slink Chunk Press: “Mamsel,” “Lament,” & “A Thank You Card”

Streetcake Mag: “Eat”

Ampersand Lit: “Death and Ashes” (This online journal is now defunct)

Thank you.