Alert and Apology: Why My Contact Info Has Changed

2020 was a frustrating year for most if not all of us. Without further delay, I’ll say it was a particularly frustrating year for me when around April 2020 my email stopped receiving messages being sent from all gmail, yahoo, and other accounts. No bounce back messages, no sync problems, nothing being reverted to junk—I simply ceased to receive them. As if that wasn’t a bad enough scenario for a small writer like me, to top it off, I had no idea this was happening until about a month ago.

It took me so long to see what was happening partly due to the fact I’m no stranger to rejection letters, and sometimes editors just don’t write you back; the other reason was that sometimes I would receive a reply email, though never from a personal or business gmail account—really, it seems only Submittable was getting through. I’ve used Outlook for many years without problems, but this really took the cake. I tried everything: unblocking all blocked contacts, putting copious amounts of emails on the receive/allow/safe list, triple checking sure my junk box wasn’t getting them, I went through the trouble shooting, I tried contacting Microsoft, to which they couldn’t find out what was wrong either, and all together I got little to no help, and fewer explanations. Eventually, I bit the bullet and just said to myself, “Okay, let’s just get a new email,” and that’s what I’ve done.

My new contact email is

And, to any and all editors, readers, and writers who have been trying to contact me for the last year or so and receiving no reply… all I can say is this: I am so sorry. I did not receive any of your messages. Double apologies for all the editors I queried asking, “Did you receive my submission?” Good GODS, it was ME all along!

I’ll try to get this new contact information updated on all my blogs in a timely manner. Again and again, I am so sorry.

Thanks for sticking with me. Let’s hope 2021 is better. ♥


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