Short Stories

Between 2016 – 2017 Renwick Berchild wrote a collection of short stories that were published for free download on the internet.

Now all available in one place, Tea Stories is an idea that came about through many conversations with friends and loved ones about their harried lives and busy schedules. Believing that crunched time shouldn’t hamper compelling, fulfilling reading, Tea Stories came to be. Never spanning over 3000 words (alright, I confess! Some do indeed) the Tea Stories Collection contains compact stories of adventure and magic, wisdom and philosophies, designed to be complete and whole tales one can finish in under 10 minutes.

Enjoy or loath them, share them (with respect and care) and best wishes to all the readers out there. ♥

The Blessing of the Hare Spirit

Shadows! A Duel of Knights


The Death Box

A Chance Meeting in the Night (Joy and the Devil)